About Us

I am Ákos Kaszap, the owner of Főnix Ceramics, founded in 1998. Our Studio is located in the downtown area of Szentendre, a town that is one of Hungary's popular tourist attractions.

Our Studio, located on the banks of the Danube in Szentendre, occasionally opens its doors to visitors, providing a special and inspiring venue for those interested in the art of ceramics.

During the Advent season, you can personally purchase our ceramics at Christmas markets. You can find us at Vörösmarty Square and also at Szentháromság Square in Buda Castle.

Why the owl? We have a fondness for birds. Ákos has been a birdwatcher for years. Birds are beautiful, ethereal, and colorful. Not to mention, the namesake of our workshop is the phoenix, the ever-renewing firebird.